OKUDA & ASSOCIATES, founded in 1999, has been one patent firm whose name always comes to mind for discerning IP personnel of major Japanese client companies that are looking for resourcefulness and fidelity at the same time. We are a group of seasoned professionals--both in the technical and administrative sections--whose experience often runs longer than the firm's history itself.

In active cooperation with overseas associates, we at OKUDA & ASSOCIATES have always provided quality services for the protection of leading-edge technologies invented by major Japanese manufacturers who desire to enforce their rights not only in Japan but also in US, EP, and other countries/regions. This means that, among other factors, we are capable of accurately expressing each inventive concept by using language--English or Japanese--that is most pertinent to each different field across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our awareness of varying patent practices before the JPO/USPTO/EPO is also very high, which has enabled smooth and efficient communication with overseas associates. In a business environment where it is vital to rise above differences in language and/or culture, this is exactly what we are committed to and take pride in--providing QUALITY and RAPPORT, all to client SATISFACTION.

Here we strive to help overseas corporations who are looking to file in Japan--our expertise as to how domestic solutions could translate to solutions overseas, when applied in reverse order, will certainly guide your way through effective prosecution in Japan.